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Earth Care Farms is contracted by the Gekas family to provide permaculture based landscape design services for their 20 acre site in Wyndotte County, KS.

The site intention, Agritourism, is to provide accommodation of guests through an assortment of small cabins on the back 10 acres of the property and to be landscaped for production of high-market value perennial crops.

Productive Landscape Mosaic – Mixed-use-multi-tier production system (Timberland, Woodland, Shrubland, U-Pick Berry, Prairie, Cover Crop)

The design presents a broad scape, equal distribution of production system types. These types are Timberland, Woodland, Shrubland, U-Pick Berry, Prairie and Cover Cropping, with reforested regions on the perimeter. Each system is production based, planted on contour and are select crops. These crops may be more conventional in plant spacing and their subsequent harvest may have a time range from one to thirty years.

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