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Buy provigil south africa, Order provigil

Earth Care Farms is an edible permaculture landscape farm/homestead and multi-faceted design service seeking to establish sustainable human environments. We believe that through design we can create long-term, low impact solutions that are beautiful and pass on value to future generations.

We grow, design, build and teach applications of earth care ethics on a 3 acre site in central Missouri. The grounds at Earth Care Farms showcase a budding permaculture design, complete with a strawbale house, swales, food forest and a wide diversity of native and cultivated edible plants.


Lead Designer

Robert is a semi-retired-computer whiz who re-awakened to his love for natural environments, specifically landscapes. He is an astute observer of natural systems and envisions a world where people choose a lifestyle of permanence, preservation and productivity via the way of land development, landscaping, and building.

He is a certified Permaculture Designer, Master Gardener and has worked on various organic farms across the USA and public edible landscapes/food forests. He holds a degree in Interior Architecture, Planning and Design from Kansas State University and has worked professionally in architecture, construction, and design consultation. Since 2011 he has built a 1600sf strawbale house for his family and is developing a 3 acre permaculture landscape.

His goal is to bring thoughtful people and ideas together and put into action solutions that enhance all manners of life, for the present and future.

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